Monday, October 1, 2007

"Sure... we can just be friends"

Being friends with an ex-lover is difficult and usually not practical. This is especially true if your "friendship" or lack thereof, started out "not so plutonic". Is there a way that ex-lovers can be friends with each other when there is no prior firmly established friendship? And, if so, can it be a meaningful, healthy and caring friendship? I say, yea, why not? Instead of killing each other, it’s worth a shot. So, I’ve decided to write out some important "guidelines" or "rules" for being friends with an ex-lover.

The Ex-lover Turned Friend Ground Rules

  1. Both parties must agree on the "decision" to be friends.
  2. There must be no engagement in any sexual activity of any kind.
  3. There must be a mutual agreement that, no matter what, no matter what circumstance, there will be no future chance of sexual activity, even in times of weakness and/ or desire or need.
  4. There must be no discussion of the following topics:
    -sex or anything of a sexual nature
    -current relationships and/ or sexual encounters
    -past sexual relations with each other
    -desires to become involved with each other in any other relationship that is not considered a "plutonic" friendship
  5. Abnormal flirting and sexual innuendoes will not be practiced.
  6. Inappropriate touching is off limits. Non-sexual hugs are acceptable. No kissing or prolonged hugging should be practiced. Friends don’t makeout!
  7. Neither party should see one another nude at anytime.
  8. No cuddling or caressing of any kind.
  9. No sleepovers under any circumstances.
  10. If either party finds themselves "wanting" any other relationship other than plutonic friends, communication must cease between each other.

These are introductory rules of course. Any addendum should be added as needed. And, as always, if the friendship goes awry due to one partner turning psycho, run like hell and don’t look back.

Have a happy plutonic friendship journey!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Word games... yummy!

Thought I’d make a list of my current "favorite words". So… here it is… enjoy- enjoy, clever, witty, impressive, interesting, dig (as in "I dig it"), totally, yummy, "blank" goodness (i.e. chocolatey goodness), artsy, crazy, insane, precocious (thought I’d throw in a big word), poop (followed by a not-so-big word), pedantic snob (okay, another kind of big word), mojo (definition- one who is full of the sexy or (verb)- the art of sexiness; appeal), groove, sleepy, Ugh!, ah, Ha, geeze, Hmm, I kid you, any word with an added –ie to the end (example- I jokie, joggie, walkie, talkie). I think that’s about it for now. Those are some really lovely, albeit overused words… by yours truly and many of the rest of us. Ah...hmm... but, I totally dig the yummy wordie goodness that our crazy mojo-filled lives groove to. Ha! Geeze. Ugh. Poop... that made me sleepy.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coffee day... feeling art deco-ish

As usual I drank too much coffee today. And I loved it! Ha. The aroma was just yummy… ahh… I digress once again. Today was a bit livelier than yesterday. And, I don’t just mean caffeine-wise. I’m contemplating doing more painting in the near future. I’ve seemed to put that on hold since beginning my nursing career. Quite difficult to be creative and devote the needed time to painting when you’re physically and emotionally exhausted. But, I will force myself to do some painting… or at least more sketching. It’s therapeutic I believe. And, Lord knows how much I need free therapy. With that being said, I must wind down my night and get prepared for another long day at the hospital. Yippie!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog me... my thoughts on sleep... ah... bliss

Well, I've been writing about crap for a long time. So, I've decided to go ahead and write about crap on a blog. And, wah la... here I am.

Today was pretty much a bust. I think I slept through most of it. And when I was awake I was thinking about sleeping. So, since sleep was on my mind for about the last 23 hours, I decided to name my blog "sleepy deva". Actually sleep is always on my mind... so who am I kidding. I'd rather sleep than eat, watch t.v., go out, work (duh), play with friends, shop, do the dirty...umm... hey wait... let's not get crazy. But, you see my point.

I also gave into three of my vices today. One being coffee... two cups. Two being chick-fila... chicken sandwich with fries. Three being chocolate... in the form of a smoothie. That being said I'd consider myself a weakling when it comes to any of the items mentioned above... especially the coffee. I have no control when it comes to coffee and I tend to write about it incessantly. I am a self-proclaimed coffeeaholic. And, I take it a day at a time.

I'd say that's enough from me for my first "official" blog. I'll try and keep it up... it's cheap therapy and Lord knows how much I need that.