Friday, August 3, 2007

Word games... yummy!

Thought I’d make a list of my current "favorite words". So… here it is… enjoy- enjoy, clever, witty, impressive, interesting, dig (as in "I dig it"), totally, yummy, "blank" goodness (i.e. chocolatey goodness), artsy, crazy, insane, precocious (thought I’d throw in a big word), poop (followed by a not-so-big word), pedantic snob (okay, another kind of big word), mojo (definition- one who is full of the sexy or (verb)- the art of sexiness; appeal), groove, sleepy, Ugh!, ah, Ha, geeze, Hmm, I kid you, any word with an added –ie to the end (example- I jokie, joggie, walkie, talkie). I think that’s about it for now. Those are some really lovely, albeit overused words… by yours truly and many of the rest of us. Ah...hmm... but, I totally dig the yummy wordie goodness that our crazy mojo-filled lives groove to. Ha! Geeze. Ugh. Poop... that made me sleepy.

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